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Work in progress... not definitive or complete.

Question marks mostly indicate things that are generally unknown, unclear, or otherwise considered open questions at this time.

GameTypeDirect EVIndirect EVVisible stateObscured stateInvisible statePlayer choiceTime dependency
1 Bars luck
2 Beetle Derby parimutuel stats, track tote stats, track no beetle paths (?) beetle to win/place/show (track racing) random instance
3 Benches luck
4 Cannon skill no prize no no no shot locations no
5 Christmas Trees luck (debated?) debated
6 Coconut Trees luck
7 Cow Tipping luck
8 Duck Pond skill ducks, position (?) price pond size/shape, duck positions, orientation?  ? next duck movement (?) where bread will land? no (?) continuous
9 Eight Treasures of Chinese Cuisine PVP menu items menu utility your menu no (?) opponents menu bid, deny (similar to liars poker) instance
10 Feather Tree skill Active licenses no no Active licenses schedule purchase, harvest 30 day license, 24 hour rounds
11 Feather Balance skill or PVP no prize no no no double, take/pass no
12 Fences - Coin Balance luck
13 Festivals luck (debated?) debated
14 Fireflies luck
15 Fire Tables luck
16 Fishing - Luck Based luck
17 Fishing - Skill Based skill no price no no no toss/keep no
18 Food Cart luck
19 Friendship Farm - Pig Game skill pig weights no pig weights no no food item no
20 Gem Cutting Table skill no (?) prize no (?) no next gem (?) cuts/rotations no
21 Haystacks luck
22 Herbs skill herb locations/sizes prize herbs themselves no spawn schedule (number of licensees) complex 24 hour license, continuous
23 Humidor luck (debated) debated
24 Kanivan Tak PVP no no board position no no similar to checkers instance
25 Mining skill no price no no no workload orders no
26 Mother Dragon - Egg Gathering skill eggs already spawned  ? some eggs, # playing  ?  ? complex 30 minute license, continuous
27 Mushrooms skill configuration no no configuration (peek) no no no
28 Palace Garden luck (debated) debated
29 Palace Slots luck
30 Clever Panda skill no price stalks no no only additional bets 80 chomps
31 Lucky Panda luck
32 Plantfalls skill yes (complex) yes (complex) no debated purses, most of configuration debated debated
33 Playa Turtle Maze luck
34 Pool Of Reflection PVP no no board position no no similar to “sprouts” random instance
35 Rainy Falls skill board position price board position no no coin to pluck no
36 Berry Farming skill yes (complex) prize yes (varies) yes (varies) yes (varies) complex varies
37 Vegetable Farming skill debated prize debated debated debated complex debated
38 Scales of the Dragon skill current colors price current colors no no paint 1/3/6, clean no
39 shrines luck
40 Silly Monkey luck
41 Snake Statue PVP no prize no EV snapshot seen after bet purse only additional bets instance (random?)
42 Stormcaller raked PVP player count  ? player count, time left no others' calls, target number call height instance
43 Tea Ceremony raked PVP player count enhancements player count tables in set  ? lock/exchange, enhance, pass random instance (per set parameters)
44 The Great Wall luck (debated) debated
45 Tower Of Lights skill board position price board position no no column no
46 Tower Of Luck luck
47 Tournaments skill  ? registrants? no no no  ? no (?)
48 Trash Cans luck
49 Treefalls hybrid skill/luck no (?) purse no Invisible state seen after round purse, magic/cursed trees species 1 week rounds
50 Tug Desk PVP no no scores, sheep position no no bid amount instance
51 Ming Vases skill board position price no board position no arrange 1/2/7 vases no
52 Qing Vases skill board position price no board position no vase no
53 Han Vases skill board position no no board position no no no
54 Water Wheel skill board position no board position no no no no
55 Wishing Wells skill yes (complex) prize sun crystal value moon crystal value complex graph structures  ? 1 month rounds
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