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Berry farming is a game with the potential to win a large portion of your initial

wager over and over without having to bet again. First, you should find out what each berry will pay by clicking on your avatar, going to utilities and checking the farm report. The price of berries changes occasionally so if a certain berry looks more valuable than the rest keep that in mind.

To play, find a fruit stand and buy any number of seeds of the various plants. The more the seed costs, the more the plant’s berries will pay. To plant them, go over the soil near the fruit stand and click on your avatar. Select “plant” and pick a seed to plant. It will remind you of the current fruit prices that the plant will pay the first time. You can click on your avatar again and plant should be the first option. Plant the seed and a mound will pop up with your seed in it. Seeds in Dragon’s Tale grow much faster than normal and a sprout should pop up in a few seconds. Click on your plant and select “Tend to this plant.” It will grow again right afterwards. After a few more seconds, two different things can happen:

1. Your plant will give out 1 berry of its type.

2. Your plant will give out seeds of its type.

If your plant gives out berries, click on it and take the berries. You will be paid the price that the berry is worth. If your plant gives out seeds, click on it and take the seeds. You will get 1 seed of its type which you can plant like the seed you just did (This is essentially a free game). The plant will then be empty again. Then after a few seconds of harvesting, the plant will do one of three things randomly.

1. Your plant will give out berries of its type. It is a number of berries you can calculate with this simple formula. Number of berries = 2 to the Number of times this fruit gave berries before power. What this means is that if it is the second time your plant is giving berries, it will give out 4 instead of 1, multiplying the reward for 1 berry by 4. If it is the third time, it will give out 9 berries. 4th will give 16, 5th will give 25, 6th will give 36. This pattern continues indefinitely.

2. It will give a seed. This will always be 1 seed of the plants type, even if it has happened before.

3. It will die. Unfortunately, all good plants must come to an end. If this happens, your plant will merely disappear. Don’t worry though; this can only happen if your plant has given fruit or seeds at least once.

Farming is a fun game and planting multiple seeds consecutively can be enjoyable as the chances of getting plants that only pay little go down and one of them is more likely to get a good combo of berry harvesting.


Harvesting your berries in certain ways can increase your yield, and each berry has it's own strategy. Be sure to report it here if you crack a berry's secret!

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