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Camel is a straight luck game, 95% EV + DT according to Di.

Camel has various spawn points on a single island that he can appear at, and you need to run or warp around the island to find him first.

As you feed the camel the jackpot grows but the risk also grows (approximately) proportionally to the jackpot.

Anyone can play Camel as long as they reach him first, so there is a PvP element to the game.

The base bet is feed for 1btm for 8btm jackpot, so the odds are 1/8 that the (8/0.95) chance on that first play.

When the camel is paying 1:20, it's a 1-in-21 chance of a win.

When it's paying 40:1, it's a 1-in-42 chance of a win.

8 BTM is minimum win.

The idea is halfway between PvP and PvE

"Theoretically" the house doesn't win, just like in a martingale... It's just that in a martingale, nobody has enough money to play forever. Camel *is* a martingale game, but with the most gentle curve possible.

So it's only when people decide not to keep going that the house wins.

This is a game for high variance players. Play with caution, it is likely a sinkhole until the holy hit!

Good luck!

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