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Public Chat

To chat, simply type your message and hit enter. It will be heard by everyone on your screen within a certain distance, and by all of your logged-in friends and non-acquaintances.

Acquaintances are people who's chat you have heard in the last 2 hours, or who have heard you chat. Acquaintances are identified by a yellow dot (connected), or by no dot (off-line) on your friends list. You can add an acquaintance by typing /chat <name>.

Friends are people that you have explicitly added to your friends list with /friend <name>. Friends are identified by a green dot (connected) or gray dot (off-line) on your friends list.

  • Friends will also make a bubbling noise when they logon

Private Chat

To send a private message, type .name message

To send an additional private message to the same person, type . message

To reply to the last person that private-messaged you, type .. message

Group Chat

To create or reform a chat group named bestfriends consisting of yourself, Alice and Bob, type /group bestfriends Alice Bob

To chat to everyone in the group, type .bestfriends Hello guys!

To dissolve a group (any group member can do this,) type /ungroup bestfriends

To see who's part of a group, type /grouplist bestfriends

To list all the groups that you are in, type /grouplist

You can be in up to 3 groups, and each group may have up to 50 people in it, including yourself.

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