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Christmas Trees are a seasonal only item and wont be back till next christmas. In previous years, seeds for christmas trees were purchased via a donation of 1btc to the faucet. Seeds remain 'viable' in your inventory even after they are no longer available for sale, so you can hold on to them and plant them any time you like if you choose to do so.

[NOTE: For 2013, di has created a public tree at each of the governed islands. As of this writing (Dec. 15/2013) seeds have not yet been made available for purchase, but this page will be updated if this occurs.]

Besides winning more than you bet, there are two other goals in playing the Christmas Trees:

  1. To increase the tree's overall value.
    Increasing the tree's overall adds to its lifespan. If the overall value doesn't increase over a period of time, the tree will eventually die. As well, ornaments of a higher value decorate the tree with prettier and more exotic decorations.
  2. To keep the tops of the trees lit.
    When all of the ornaments are anything but coal, the top of the tree will light up. Try to turn coal into ornaments with value to light the top of the tree.

Tips for Playing:

1. Focus on turning coal into ornaments of value first. This can be done cheaply by betting 1 ksat on coal.

2. You shouldn't bet an amount that is a lot lower than the current value of the ornament, or you could lower the value of that ornament. For instance, if the ornament is worth 1.11 btm it is not a good idea to bet 1 ksat on that ornament because a 1 ksat bet probably won't produce an ornament worth 1.11 btm or more. Instead, bet 1 btm on an ornament that is already worth 1.11 btm.

3. To see the highest value of the tree, click the tree then click "Check the Tree's Stats." A window will pop-up showing the tree's current worth, it's highest worth, and how long it has to live if its value isn't increased. If the tree is private, it will also show who owns the tree and who is authorized to decorate it.

Ornament Values:

Here are the values of the ornaments as of December 15, 2013:

Coal.pngCoal0 ksat
Red orb.pngRed Orb1.11 ksat
Blue orb.pngBlue Orb2.22 ksat
Gingerbread.pngGingerbread Man3.33 ksat
Starnut.pngStarnut8.88 ksat
Lemongrin.pngLemongrin11 ksat
Fragility.pngFragility22 ksat
Silkiness.pngSilkness33 ksat
Lollitreat.pngLollitreat55 ksat
Misletoe.pngMissletoe88 ksat
Electrance.pngElectrance1.11 btm
Eternalence.pngEternalence2.22 btm
Mezmerize.pngMezmerize3.33 btm
Yingyang.pngYing & Yang5.55 btm
Pepperglobe.pngPepperglobe8.88 btm
Eyelight.pngEye Light11.11 btm
Candybulb.pngCandybulb22.22 btm
Cracklence.pngCracklence33.33 btm
Cloudchamber.pngCloud Chamber55.55 btm
Wisdom.pngWisdom88.88 btm
Snowbauble.pngSnow Bauble111 btm
Honor Guard222 btm
Pumpkinbell333.pngPumpkin Bell333 btm
Paradiddle555 btm
Ghostpepper888.pngGhost Pepper888 btm
Casascius1.111btc.pngCasascius1.111 btc
Sugardrop3.333btc.pngSugardrop3.333 btc
Desertdream.pngDesert Dream5.555 btc
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