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Two humidors @ Ying Hou Dao
jimbob1234 smoking an El Tardo de Jaso. It was the first recorded winning Tardo
A player smoking an El Unicorno @ Jing Huo Dao
A player smoking a tardo

[NOTE: This page is constantly being updated with new information as it becomes available. Please send an in-game message to umuri or somecanuck if you have information that can be added. Thanks!]



When a player wishes to celebrate for some reason, perhaps after winning a huge jackpot, the player can go to a bar and buy a cigar from a humidor. When the player smokes the cigar, both the player and others standing nearby win money from the "whiffs" of the cigar smoke. The amount won depends on the cigar... higher priced cigars tend to give out larger "whiffs" than less expensive cigars.

How to Play

To purchase a cigar, go to a bar, click on a humidor, and click on the cigar you wish to purchase.

  • Although it's not necessary, some people like to run around, spreading the "whiffs."

To take advantage of "whiffs" from someone else's cigar, go to where the cigar is being smoked.

  • The following words in public chat are signs there's a "cigar party" going on:
    • cigar
    • whiffs
    • smoking (e.g. "thanks for smoking")
  • It's not necessary to stand right on top of the person smoking. In fact, some players consider that to be rude. Stand nearby the smoker... that's good enough.
  • If you win money from "whiffs" you should always thank the smoker and tell him/her how much you have won.

Some other "tips" abount attending a cigar party:

  • If you stand too long in one place (approximately 5 minutes), the game will consider you to be "afk" and you will not get any "whiffs." Move around once in awhile.
  • If the smoker has used the /ignore command to block a player's chats, that player cannot get cigar "whiffs."
  • Sometimes, a player will have a private cigar party where only friends are invited (i.e. there's no announcement in public chat that there will be a party). It's considered very rude to "crash" a private party. If you happen across a private cigar party, you should leave immediately.

Cigar Characteristics

The following table details the characteristics of specific cigars. It is currently incomplete, but will be updated regularly.

Some of the locations noted in the table are not obvious. Here's the coordinates for those locations:

Location Coordinates
Feather Feather Tree at Xinren Tang 317 185
Zhifu1 Zhifu -167 63
Zhifu2 Zhifu -223 135

And here's the data on the cigars:

Cigar Cost Available At Characteristics
El Borracho 60 BTM Bai, Jing, Xiaobado, Ying, Zhifu1 X-400btm
El Diablo 666 BTM Jing Variance is medium, distribution is 85% smoker, 15% to friends. 100-950
El Dragon Ardiente 40 BTM Bai, Jing, Ying
El Hijastro 75 BTM Bai, Ying
El Principe 50 BTM Bai, Ying Low 6btm, High ?
El Rey Rico 150 BTM Bai, Ying 60 - 880 BTM
El Tardo de Jaso 2.4 BTC Jing, Ying Low 12 btm, High 120 btc, 10% share on average, median is 98 btc.
El Unicorno 5 BTM Bai, Feather, Jing, Tang, Ying Low 1btm, High 15btm (observed: 2.49btm)
Espiritu de Araghon 1 BTC Ying, Jing Green and red smoke, lasts at minimum 10 minutes(verified), supposedly up to 15(unverified). Low variance smoke, usually Low of 450btm and High of 3.5btc
Fuego de Cielo 160 BTM Bai, Zhifu1
Fuego de Coco 20 BTM Xiaobado, Zhifu1
La Ardilla 10 BTM Bai, Feather, Jing, Tang, Zhifu1, Zhifu2 Low 10 kSAT, High 250 BTM
La Bruja Aliento 20 BTM Bai, Jing
La Carpa Dorada 10 BTM Bai, Feather, Jing, Tang, Ying, Zhifu1, Zhifu2 Low 1btm, High 30btm
La Joya Fuego 100 BTM Bai, Jing, Ying rainbow smoke, Low 7btm, High 300
La Pan y Mantequilla 5 BTM Bai, Feather, Xiaobado, Ying, Zhifu2 Low 1btm, High 25btm
La Panda de Suerte 10 BTM Bai, Jing, Xiaobado, Ying, Zhifu1, Zhifu2
La Riqueza Oscuro 100 BTM Bai, Xiabado, Ying

Win a Real Cigar!

There are 4 new types of Cigars in Dragon's Tale that offer a 1 in 50 chance of winning you a real cigar, to be shipped to you in the mail. Because these cigars offer a bonus prize, they pay out 93% return instead of the usual 95%:

  • El Principe (50 BTM)
  • El Hijastro (75 BTM)
  • La Riqueza Oscuro (100 BTM)
  • El Rey Rico (150 BTM)

Currently, the La Riqueza Oscuro is available at the bar on Xiaobado, while all 4 cigars are available at the main bar on Xinren.

Here's some information on several of these real cigars:

  • La Riqueza Oscuro (100 BTM)- Real cigar - "Dark & oily wrapper, full bodied with flavors of coffee and nuts." - 90-point rating from Cigar Aficionado. Long-filler tobacco from Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Columbia. Wrapper leaf from Nicaragua, and binder from Costa Rica. (Picked this blend especially because of the Costa Rica connection.)
  • El Rey Rico cigars (150 BTM)- Real cigar - Mild/Medium bodied but super flavorful: creamy, rich, complex. 94-point rating by Cigar Aficionado.
  • El Hijastro (75 BTM) - Earthy flavors mixed with a haunting aroma of smoked nuts, in a bold torpedo shape.
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