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Clever Panda is surrounded by 10 stalks of bamboo. Once you place a wager and encourage him to eat, he will begin to eat the stalks at random, till he has taken 80 bites from them.

A stalk takes 10 bites to be completely eaten.

Once clever panda begins eating, he will occasionally ask you to feed him, which gives you an opportunity to increase the bet amount. This allows for higher payouts at greater risk.

The cost to play the panda will go up and down as people win/lose, however the payout table remains the same.

Payouts listed for Rabbit Stakes, per bet/increase

  • 0 stalks - 210 Btm
  • 1-3 stalks - 0 Btm
  • 4 stalks - 5 Btm
  • 5 stalks - 30 Btm
  • 6 stalks - 250 Btm
  • 7 stalks - ???
  • 8 stalks - 1000 Btm
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