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Cow tipping is a luck game. For high-class fun, perfect many different cow-tipping techniques. Learn from friends to perform pile-drivers, rolls, and throws. There are many different techniques to master in all.

Before you can learn a tip, you must first attempt to tip a cow once ( I suggest doing a 10 ksat tip). Whether it succeeds or not, you can now learn tips from others.

To learn a tip, merely be nearby when they perform the tip, and you have a chance of learning it. You can only learn 2 facets from someone on each move. And each facet must be learned from a different cow type (spotted, brown, red).

For example: If Umuri teaches Joeyzaza the cow stumbles on a spotted cow, he could also teach Joeyzaza the cow sways a bit on the spotted cow, since they are different moves. But for JoeyZaZa to learn another facet of the cow stumbles move, Umuri has to use either a brown or a red cow.

Knowing facets of a move makes it more likely to perform that move (16/16 being the highest chance), although your odds constantly re-adjust as you learn new moves, so that your long-term average will be 95% like other games.

When you have 16/16 facets of a technique, you can perform this technique on people (for free).

Move Payout
The cow sways a bit. 0
You almost push the cow over. 0
The cow stumbles. 0
The cow deftly sidesteps. 0
The cow hops to avoid your push. 0
Like an overweight horse, the cow tries to leap over you. 12 KSAT
You twist the cow's meaty neck. 18 KSAT
The cow almost shakes off your push, but the effort is too great. 33 KSAT
Like a spastic monkey, the cow tries to regain her footing. 50 KSAT
You throw the cow for a loop! 88 KSAT
The cow lands flat on it's face. 1.28 BTM
The cow falls on it's rear! 1.88 BTM
The cow tips! 3.3 BTM
The cow falls over like a tree. 5 BTM
The cow splays itself all over the ground! 8 BTM
The cow falls, hard. 12.8 BTM
The cow rolls without much grace. 18.8 BTM
You throw the cow over backwards. 33 BTM
You shove the cow over on it's head. 50 BTM
You toss the cow like a sack of beefy potatoes 80 BTM
The cow teeters and falls. 128 BTM
The cow rolls, clumbsily. 188 BTM
You throw the cow on it's butt. 333 BTM
Like a drunk acrobat, the cow goes down. 500 BTM
With remarkable agility, the cow bounces and falls. 800 BTM
Like a bovine figure-skater, the cow wrecks. 1.2 BTC
What a nimble cow! It nearly sticks the landing. 1.8 BTC
If Red foxx were a cow, this is what he would look like 3.3 BTC
You manhandle the cow. Cruelty! 8.8 BTC
You pile-drive the cow into the ground 18 BTC
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