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Tournament organizers may restrict who is allowed to participate in a tournament, and set certain rules that apply to the entire tournament.

  • Title: Used on the in-game calendar and the eGenesis web page.
  • Start Date: When entering the start date and time, use the time in your own time zone. The game will adjust what everyone else sees, to match their time zome.
  • Duration in Minutes: Either a whole number, or a range such as "30-60". Ranges introduce randomness to Tournament lengths.
  • Description: This should describe the Tournament rules (including the parameters discussed here), Game Sets, and Prize Pools. It is up to the Approver to make sure the description matches the actual rules.
  • Entry Cost: Per-player entry fee. The Tournament Organizer usually keeps this money, unless he offers a percentage back as part of various Prize Pools
  • Max Players: Used to limit the number of players that can participate. This can be used to guarantee minimum average prize amounts per participant.
  • Spins Allowed: Some tournaments consist of multiple Game Sets, each of which may limit the number of Spins (wagers) in those games. This is a global limit that gets applied in parallel to those per-Game Set limits. Leaving it blank means that there is no global spin limit. Used to limit the ability of high-rollers to overwhelm a Tournament's scores.
  • Spend Allowed: An alternate way to limit the influence of high rollers.
  • Family: Limits the Tournament to those people with a specified Mentor/Grandmentor/Geat-grandmentor, etc. Multiple families are allowed - just separate with commas.
  • Level Required: Minimum level to enter the Tournament. Ranges are supported, for example: "5-9"
  • Ticket: You must first print tickets at a Mint. Enter the name of the Ticket to restrict the tournament to those holding the ticket. After the Tournament completes, Tickets are forwarded to the Organizer who may re-use them on a future tournament, or turn them back in at the Mint for a full refund.
  • Signup Ahead: Checking this box allows signups before the Tournament starts (after it has been approved though.)
  • Island Games Only: For a Spin to count, it must be initiated on the same island that the Tournament Board sits on.
  • Primary Accounts: The system will use various detection heuristics such as IP address, to insure that only primary and not mule (alt) accounts are allowed to participate.
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