Eight Treasures of Chinese Cuisine

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The Eight Treasures of Chinese Cuisine. Bid as high as you dare in this Liar's Poker-inspired game of skill. Menus and be purchased and sold at nearby Food Carts.

There are eight dishes used in this game

Seacucumber.pngSea Cucumber
Sharkfin.pngShark Fin
Birdnest.pngBird Nest
Deertail.pngDeer Tail
Camelhump.pngCamel Hump
Elephanttrunk.pngElephant Trunk
Bearclaw.pngBear Paw
Monkeybrain.pngMonkey Brain

Before playing, each player must have a menu in their inventory. You may buy 4 new menus at the nearby foodcart for 5xbetlevel, so 5 btm for 1 btm menus. Each menu consists of a name and a number, for example Umuri-1. Once made, each menu always contains the same dishes, so for example, if any player uses the menu Thyw0r-8, their hand will always be 3 elephant trunk, 2 shark fin, 1 monkey brain, 1 bear paw, and 1 sea cucumber.

The game is played with two players standing on opposite sides of the table, and selecting each other to challenge. Then each player picks a menu, which will determine what dishes are on their side of the table (their hand). Then the game begins, with one person randomly selected to open the bidding, and then alternating turns bidding.

Bidding works as follows: You are bidding that the number of dishes on the table from both players is equal to or greater than your bid. Each turn, you must either bid higher than the previous bid, or deny. A higher bid means either the same # and a higher dish type, or a higher number of any dish type.

For example:


Here we see Umuri has bid 2 deer tail.


However thyw0r countered with a bid of 3 shark fin. Since shark fin is lower (higher on the list) than deer tail, he had to bid 3 instead of 2. He could also have bid 2 camel hump, or 2 monkey brain, since each of those are a higher bid than 2 deer tail. This also means Umuri has to bid at LEAST 3 bird nest or higher, or deny. Since Umuri has no shark fin showing, he could deny, and if Thyw0r does not have 3 shark fin, Thyw0r would lose.

The bidding continues until one person thinks the other person is lying and their bid is too high. Then you hit deny. At this point both sides of the table are revealed.

If the bid is true and there are at least that many of that dish on the table, the person who deny'd loses, and loses their menu. If the bid was a lie, and there was not that many dish on the table, then the person who made that bid loses, and the denier wins their menu.

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