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Element Fire Game on Ying Wu Dao
Element Fire Bet Levels (Ying Wu Dao @ Jan. 14/2014)
Element Fire Payout Table (Ying Wu Dao @ Jan. 14/2014)

Element fire is a strictly luck game, similar to a slot machine. There are 5 different elements: earth, water, fire, wood, and gold.

To play, you bet anywhere from 1 kSAT to 9 kSAT (element fire on Ying Wu Dao @ Jan. 14/2014) which launches 5 fireworks that represent the various elements. To win, you must get a certain combination of elements. For instance if you get 4 fire you win 8 times your bet (e.g. 8 kSAT for a 1 kSAT bet).

The current (Jan. 14/2014) betting levels and payouts for the element fire game on Ying Wu Dao are shown on the right.

Because it is a luck game, there are no "tips" on how to play element fire. You bet... you pray... and you either win or lose!

Good luck!

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