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1) Do not Beg not even for waters gifts.

Never, ever, whatever the circumstances, is begging justified. The other players have to choose between depositing or not playing; you should do the same. Mentor grades do have waters gifts, but it is up to them to choose who is worthy of these. In most instances a mentor would rather give these to either their own students, or to brand new players. Waters gifts are very limited, and mentors who make poor choices in giving them out only get low value waters next time round. Please also be aware that to get to Level 5 or more, the player has invested both time and money in the game. Waters are only a very recent addition to the game, and nearly all of the mentor grades players did not have these when they were leveling up. So, if you want waters ask your mentor and not other players. Asking for, or hinting at parties or cigars is also begging, so don't do it!. If someone parties and you are there, think of it as an extra special bonus; it is not something you are owed. Remember that whilst you see the nice Jackpot Messages, you never see any messages about the big losses the player has suffered with other bets.

2) Respect other players.

When someone is playing a game, do not position yourself where you will be in their way. If you want to watch someone playing drums / gardens / fence / berries / fishing / balloons etc... ( the list goes on ) then please do so from a respectful distance. Also, If you see another player playing a game, then do not jump in and start playing the game they were playing. There are a very few exceptions to this : If you see a player buying themselves drinks or smoking cigars then you can feel free to do the same as this will not affect their game. If you see a player playing monkey, then you can also place bets, but under no circumstances should you release the monkey until all players who are betting have moved out of the game area and confirmed they are done betting. And lastly, if you see someone playing cows, then joining in and doing some tips is usually accepted, but make sure that by joining in, that you aren't interfering with their play. Governors and Deputies will ban players from their islands if they see them either Begging, or if their behaviour has a negative effect on other players.

3) Waters are a gift to allow you to play the game and level up a few times.

If you take the waters but don't make any effort to get to at least Level 2, then you can expect to get banned from some if not all of the islands. There is no excuse for not getting to Level 1 after 1 water gift, and no excuse for not advancing to Level 2 by the time you have received 1 btm or more in total waters value.

4) Don't get involved with loans.

Taking or giving loans can put a serious strain on the best of friendships. If you don't have funds, then unfortunately you can't play. You should only ever play with your own money that you can afford to lose without causing you financial harm. There are very few exceptions when asking for a loan is considered acceptable, and unless you are 100% sure this is one of those exceptions then please don't ask !

5) Say Thanks.

If someone gifts you a drink or waters, remember to say thank you. If it is a drink they bought or a win from a round of shots, then also announce in the chat channel how much you won as part of your saying thanks. If you get a win from a party box or cigar whiffs then don't forget to announce how much you won and say Thank you.

A note on mentors:

Mentors get a small rake-back on any bets you play ( See Dragons Treasure on the wiki ). When you get to Level 3 you start to get your own DT, and the rate they get from you is reduced. In return for this DT they should be expected to make an effort to teach you the games to the best of their ability. Mentorship is a commitment to be taken seriously, so if you feel your mentor isn't helping you, then please speak with them about it. Student stealing ( poaching students from a different mentor ) is about the lowest and most untrustworthy thing any mentor can do, and most mentors will reject your mentor request if you already have a mentor. If any mentor grade player approaches you and requests to change to become their student, then seriously consider if this person deserves your trust. Ask yourself if you are able to trust a player that puts there own greed before the benefits of their students and other players of the game. By all means if your mentor isn't doing their job, then feel free to change, but first let your mentor know why you are going to remove them as your mentor BEFORE selecting a new mentor. When choosing a mentor you want to be sure that they are a player that has helped you and will continue to do so in the future.

A note I have been asked to add for mentors taking multiple students but not helping them :

Taking students is a serious responsibility. When you take a new student you should at least stay with them until they advance to Level 2. There are rare occurrences when a new student doesn't listen or doesn't want to play when you try and help them with their tasks, but by taking students and then abandoning them before they get to level 2, you are stopping a decent mentor from taking this student and then giving them the help they deserve from a mentor. You know that decent mentors will not poach a student who already has a mentor and are using this for your own greed. Decent mentors do not abandon students and leave them without help, and this type of behavior doesn't help anyone.

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