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Frequently asked questions

How do I run?

Click on your avatar and select "Appearance." Then select "Run."

I'm poor :( how can I get some free Bitcoins to try out Dragon's Tale?

Find a Soldier Statue. They are red statues holding staffs with Bitcoins atop them. Click them and ask for Bitcoins. If they have none, try another one. If you want to find out how many Bitcoins are available in statues at any time, go to the faucet behind the Palace Slot game in town and click the appropriate option. To be nice and donate a few back to the faucet, simply click donate some to this faucet.

How do I add or receive Bitcoins in game?

Click your avatar and select "Get Bitcoins" to add some. To withdraw, go to "Utilities" and select withdraw.

What are Bitcoins?

They are explained in depth at WeUseCoins.com

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