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The following are features that have been requested or suggestions for new games.

On this page we will also list previous feature requests that Di has already responded to and what he said.

  • Minor Bugs (unseen):
    • Sometimes when gifting something (for example, an 8 tresure menu) to a new player, you receive the "first inventory item" message.
  • Features/Suggestions Currently Requested(unseen):
    • Command to check DT without an arch (/dt)
    • Put a bench next to all monkeys so we have something to do while we wait
    • Put a bench or other game next to the xia boat
    • Lower sound radius (Especially tower of lights) or Decrease volume when you are further away from games
    • A visible clock for farming seasons
    • Direct PvP games playable while breakers are tripped
      • A new PvP game where we get to wager on waking di up

    • Credit Cards -> Di's seen this, said ask again much much later
      • Allow a certain "max" transferrance of btm a day on unauthorized cc purchases, in the neighborhood of 25-50 btm, to allow for herbing scout payments

Seen Features(means di's seen and responded about them):

  • Likely to happen:
    • Hotkey for toggling nameplates on/off
    • Menu consistency/not moving options around when you lose an option(such as running out of a certain price of berries)
    • Delete key functioning in the chat typing box
    • Shots - A drink where you could buy small drinks for everyone nearby(or selected people), and they all start at once. The jackpot is shared out based on who finishes last, with the first finishers getting nothing or little and the last most of the jackpot.
    • Studentlist - Adding a resettable version, that only shows student gains since last reset.
  • Unlikely to happen:
    • Hotkey for camera rotation - Di says it would require a full client update, so not likely
    • Camera orientation storage when making placemark - Too complex, not likely
    • Add "The Faucet" and "Herb Services" as possible mentors -> Di said faucet is possible, but unlikely to be done due to him liking mentors being people

  • Probably won't happen:
    • Global chat - Di says this will not scale well, and so will not be implemented as it is currently done
    • A /mentorlist screen that shows each person upline of you, as well as how much DT they have made off you at each level. -> Di doesn't want this information easily available
    • Studentlist - Display of grand-students, etc, separately from students -> Di said not likely, the system isn't currently setup to track data outside of direct mentor/student relations(it cascades up/down for grand- prefixes)
    • Studentlist - Some notation indicating if the student/grandstudent is still currently a student of yours -> Di said not likely, the system isn't currently setup to track data outside of direct mentor/student relations(it cascades up/down for grand- prefixes)
    • Drinks for others should part, or all of the DT to the person paying for the drink. -> Di says it would require a huge rework of how all game betting works, to be able to add it to any game(even just drinks)

  • Outright Veto:
    • Spam Filter -> Too easy to get around
    • Pm's opening their own window -> It was done in ATITD, di says it was a nightmare
    • Moving the "get rid of mentor" and "ask to be mentor" button to lower slots when the player already has a mentor, so it is no longer easily accidentally clicked. -> Di likes where they are, as mentors are super important for new players, and moving it conditionally is complex work
    • Confirmation when clicking the quit button -> Di says be more careful, confirmation just adds UI Clutter.
    • A toggle for turning off walking on clicking. /standstill mode. Useful for games that require clicking around like monkey, where you don't want to accidentally move -> No, encourages botting
    • A new pvp game -> People can bet on how many licenses for herbs and shares for the feather tree are active on any given day(determined spot point at midnight server time), and whoever is right gets the jackpot split among everyone at that bet level -> Di said no, it gives away too much ifno
    • The ability to share placemarks -> No, makes it too easy
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