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Once the festival has started, run around trying to catch the falling bitcoins.

  • NOTE!* the Total Value of Rains is from the stats we currently have, and are not too accurate atm, due to a low number of result submissions

Festival Bet Bet Cost Rain Increments Total Value of Rain
Rains of Gardens 10btm box 10ksat rain 5.8btm - 18btm
Rains of Spring 10btm box 1btm rain 4btm- 54btm
Rains of the Sea 20btm box 1btm rain 16btm - 60btm
Rains of the Wind 30btm box 1btm rain 32btm - 140btm
Rains of Storm 50btm box 5btm rain
Rains of Night 100btm box 10btm rain X-430 BTM
Rains of the Sky 100btm box
Rains of Stars 500btm box
Rains of Heaven 1BTC box

The Picture on the right is what it looks like to have 14 festivals go off at once.

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