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Element Fire Game on Ying Wu Dao
Gem Fire Game on Xiaobado
Sky Fire Game on Zhifu
Tea Fire Game on Ying Wu Dao
Tree Fire Game on Xinren
Zodiac Fire Game on Zhifu

There are various fire games throughout Dragon's Tale. They are all luck-based... there's no "tips or tricks" to playing them.

Fire games are similar to a slot machine in a real life casino. You place a bet and if you get a certain combination, you win.

The following table outlines each fire game in Dragon's tale, whether it's high or low variance, and the payout ranges:

Game Variance Number of Elements Number of Fireworks Payout Range
Dynasty Fire 8 5 2x to 388x
Element Fire Low 5 5 2x to 55x
Fruit Fire 3 3 2x to 55+ (progressive)
Gem fire High 5 5 2x to 88x
Sky Fire High 8 5 2x to 555x
Tea Fire High 8 5 2x to 388x
Tree Fire Low 8 3 2x to ???
Zodiac Fire Low 5 5 2x to 40+ (progressive)
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