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Fire Starter

This game is similar to tic tac toe, in that you take turns placing fire, and the gods place rain. Your goal is to make rectangles of at least 5 fires, so 5x1, 3x2, 4x2, 3x3, 3x4.

Overlapping rectangles don't count. It scores in order of priority, trying to give higher-value scores first, which sometimes may score sub-optimally. For example in the picture, the 4x2 rectangle would be scored, and the other two wouldn't because they are overlapping

Wagerbase is NOT your bet amount. For example the lowest level that currently costs 2.68 btm has a wagerbase of 10KSat

Priority Rectangle Size Payout Amount of Wagerbase
1 3x4 500x
2 5x2 111x
3 3x3 55x
4 4x2 11x
5 3x2 3x
6 5x1 2x
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