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There are several different skill based or 'Rack Fishing' ponds, ranging in wager prices at various locations located around the island. The difference between these ponds and the pure luck based ponds is that there are decisions to be made which affect your play, and price to play fluctuates depending on whether you are winning or losing there. As opposed to the luck based ponds where the cost to play remains constant.

Millet Pond - Price at writing is 56K SAT per play

Combo Worth in SAT
4 different 24k
2 way split 30k
4 snakehead 75k
3 walla 30k
4 walla 150k
3 catfish 36k
4 catfish 300k
2 tambaqui 24k
3 tambaqui 54k
4 tambaqui 900k
2 barrumundi 36k
1 stringray 30k
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