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In a Tournament, when you win a wager on a game that is part of a Game Set, you get a chance to win some of the money in the Game Set's various Prize Pools. Game Sets may place limits on which bets count toward those Prize Pools.

For Single Player ("PvE") games like Fishing, Monkeys, Fireworks, etc., an organizer may optionally specify:

  • Max Bet: Any bets greater than this amount will not count in this Game Set.
  • Spins Allowed: Only the first (this many) spins in this Game Set count.
  • Spend Allowed: Only the first (this many) Bitcoins worth of bets count in this Game Set.

Two-Player ("PvP") games like Tug, Reflection, Kanivan Tak and Eight Treasures use an entirely different PvP Ladder scoring system.

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