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Skill based games in Dragon's Tale typically pay out 95%+Dragon's Treasures overall. The server periodically adjusts either the cost to pay, or the payout structure to maintain this. Examples include the rack-based fishing games (Rice Pond, Millet pond, Barley Pond, Popcorn Pond), the Berry farming games, the Jade/Emerald mining, the Duck Pond, Tower of Lights, Scales of the Dragon, and others.

PvP Games are a special kind of skill-based game, usually with 100% payout (but no Dragon's Treasures). These include Tug, Reflection, Eight Treasures of Chinese Cuisine, and Feather Balance which is unique in that you can practice against "house bots."

Parimutuel wagering games, currently consisting of just Beetle Derby, are another class of skill-based game, also with 100% payout.

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