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Gem cutting is one of the more difficut of the skill games....get it right and create a cut gem the same as the one in the picture to the right of the page and you may earn over 18btc for your effort (This is at the 1btc table....there is also a 100btm table as well located in the same area).

Gem cutting starts by giving you a basic gem, with some flaws (holes into the gem) showing. Other flaws are hidden inside the gem, and won't be visible until you cut into them.

WARNING: This means that some flaws MAY ALTER visible surfaces when revealed, even if they aren't the cut surfaces. In short, some flaws that affect visible surfaces are incorrectly marked as hidden. This is a known bug in gemcutting, and is now considered part of the game's balance.

Gemcutting is balanced/scored on the following formula: 1 btc table (adjust for other tables) -200 btm - retained jackpot. This is split evenly across all gems in the price table AFTER the gem is finished.

Gem prizes are computed as gem difficulty + retained jackpot. Retained jackpot is cashed out(reset to 0) after a gem is finished.

Link to the Gem Catalog.

Cutting gems consists of trying to cut a semi-randomly shaped gem into a specific pattern. There is no room for error and the final product must be 100% accurate. The gem is cut by rotating the gem on its X,Y, or Z axis as needed, and cutting it with 1 of 3 blades on the table. The blades, and the type of cut they apply, are shown in the image below.

Cut paths.jpg

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