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For every bet, you will be able to call the Griffin Whisperer for 5 times. And every time you call the whisperer, you may summon some birds or drive away some. After calling it for 5 times, the game will end and you will get your reward according to the following charts. For this game, there are 5 species of birds, including Crane, Loon, Flamingo, Owl and Eagle. And they are defined to 2 types. Eagle and owls are Birds of Prey. Crane, Loon and flamingo are Waterfowl. Types of birds will also be paid accordingly to the charts below

Payout table for Griffin Whisperer

# of same birds Payout
3 2x
4 16x
5 Unknown
6 Unknown

Birds of Prey includes Eagle and owls

Birds of Prey Payout
3 1.5x
4 2x
5 Unknown
6 Unknown

Waterfowl includes Crane, Loon and Flamingo

Waterfowl Payout
3 1.1x
4 1.5x
5 8x
6 11x
Total Birds summoned Payout
6 3x
Others Payout
Three Way Split 8x
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