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Li Bai, known by many Westerners as Li Po, was a prolific Tang dynasty poet. Finding the eight parts of his poem will clear the mind enough to enable them to use the Waterfall, where it's said one can always find coins.

His work

Li Bai's poem can be found in eight segments at various points. These are typically artistic items:

- A Caligraphy Set on the hill of one of the waterfalls (-169, 7)

- A Painting at the end of one of the large wall segments (-167, -35)

- A Painting on the inside wall of the Pig Farm (-238, 85)

- The Book of Tang floating in mid-air at the Beetle Races (-242, 1)

- Another Book of Tang on a ledge of the Department of Herbal Resources (-185, 74)

- A Caligraphy Set on another plateau next to the Pig Farm (-234, 99)

- A Caligraphy Set on the northernmost peninsula, past the Skitish Monkey Cage and the Kanivan Tak Desk (-250, 155)

- A Chinese Wineglass on the pool by the Eight Treasures Dining Tables, near the Dragon's Archway (-212, 116)

- A Chinese Wineglass on the counter at the Bar (-166, 61)

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