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Scattered around the world of Dragon's Tale are twenty-four terracotta statues of soldiers. When clicked, these soldiers will often bestow gifts. Typically these gifts are 1 BTM, although they may occasionally be more. It's a good idea to seek money from these soldiers, though approaching the same one multiple times in a row is seldom effective. For this reason, it's a good idea to Placemark the locations of these twenty-four soldiers, and visit them in order to get them to "reset" properly. Additionally, it's said that soldiers will often wait for other users to seek Bitmills from them before again gifting Bitmills to a given user, if they've made frequent requests recently.

See the map of the island with 24 of the 27 soldiers marked with a green dot as well as their co-ordinates.

Note: The island has recently been extended and there are currently 3 soldiers located in the new section. The map will be updated asap to include the location of these soldiers.

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