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Millet pond is a skill game, similar to Rice pond, but with some important differences.

You have to make winning combinations of fish on the rack, but the fish here are a little different than in rice pond. The fish are: (in order of rarity and value):

Stingray (rarest) Barramundi (second rarest) Tambaqui (third rarest) Catfish (fourth rarest) Walla (fairly common) Snakehead (most common)

You try to make winning combinations such as 4 of a kind, 2 way split (2 pairs of different fish) and 4 different fish, but beware, the payouts of these differ from those in rice pond. Take notice of splits in millet pond, not all of them pay over the cost of a play. 3 of a kind (with the more valuable species) is also a possible combination here. When you get a catch than pays more than the cost of a play, drink a beer. This will allow you to get the payout for that catch again. You can drink 4 beers on a fresh paying catch. Only do this for combinations that pay more than the cost of a play, since a beer costs the same as a play.

You may notice some fumes coming from the fish, this indicates their age: First turn, they are fresh (no fumes), Second turn, they are fresh again (no fumes), Third turn, they have yellow fumes, Fourth turn, they have green fumes, Fifth turn, they have black fumes, When they reach this stage, they must be discarded.

Millet pond Paying Combinations

This is for 18btm pond, values for other price ponds will differ.

M pond table 2.jpg

The exact price of millet pond can change sometimes.

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