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Mineral Waters

(Everything on this page is preliminary - the implementation may be different from this. As I'm writing this, Mineral Waters is a work in progress.)

Two Games in One

If you are new to Dragon's Tale (where "new" means level 0-4), you can ask politely any Mentor (level 5+) for some Mineral Waters, and he may give you a gift. Mineral Waters are similar to Drinks - they always have a small amount of Bitcoin at the bottom.

What does the word politely above mean?

  • Please don't spam public chat! While it's "ok" to ask for mineral waters in public chat (although using pm's is better), it's considered rude to spam public chat.
  • If you do receive Mineral Waters from a Mentor, be sure to do some betting so that the Mentor giving you the Mineral Waters will receive their mentor points. (Hint: it's "ok" to ask the Mentor how much you need to play-through.)
  • The words "please" and "thank you" go a long way in gaining mineral waters, whether the request is public or private.

Receiving Gifts of Mineral Waters

When a Mentor gifts you a drink, he's making a sort of wager: He's betting that you will go on to do a certain amount of gambling (the game will come up with an amount based on how much other new players are betting and your bet history.) If you do play that much, you'll earn points for the Mentor which give him certain bonuses and thank-you gifts from eGenesis.) You can be gifted multiple times by different Mentors, not just your own. The first mentors to support you earn the most points.

Calculating new players' targets

Every day, the system looks at the amount played by all new players. It estimates what it takes to be in the top third of those players by raked playthrough, and uses that as a base target. Every time you are actually in the top 1/3, it gives a little handicap: The first time you're in the top third, it boosts the playthrough target for you by one eighth of that amount. The second time, it boosts by another eighth, so 81/64 the base amount. It does this to gently encourage mentors to spread their drinks around a bit more than they otherwise would, rather than only gifting the highest spending new player. Playthrough targets are measured from the moment of the gift.

Mentor Points

Mentors get points for gifting new players that go on to reach their target playthrough amount.

The higher the total points the mentor received last water cycle ( these last just over a day ) the better value waters that mentor get on the next waters issue.

The first mentor to ever gift a new player has the potential to earn 100/1=100 points. The second gift has the potential to earn 100/2=50 points for the gifting mentor, the third, 100/3=33.3 points, etc. Top mentors are shown on the Dragon's Archways.


Silly prizes, such as hats, will be rewarded to Mentors for having the highest Mineral Waters score of the day.



There really isn't any: Mentors and new players can see all playthrough amounts and targets that they participate in. If it's wanted, I may give a way to refuse all gifts of Mineral Waters. Of course, players have no way to see who the person behind the avatar is!

Water Payouts

Drink Cost
Waters of Alps 4
Waters of Australia 8
Waters of Greece 7
Waters of Hawaii 5
Waters of Iceland 2
Waters of Japan 9
Waters of Norway 3
Waters of Spain 6
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