Monkey Cage River

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Monkey Cage River.jpg
LOCATION: Xinren 339 341

Monkey Cage River (AKA Pitless) is a varient of Silly Monkey where no pits are on the board.

On this board, you can farm Lottery tickets or work your task (makes it a 94.58% game) at a cost of 2.87 BTM per 50 BTM win

Calculations to win 50 BTM

Tile Wager to win 50 BTM
2.54x 19.69 BTM
8.7x 5.75 BTM
32.25x 1.56 BTM
63x 80 KSAT
163x 31 KSAT
338x 15 KSAT
85x 59 KSAT
32x 1.57 BTM
18.2x 2.75 BTM
4.72 x 10.6 BTM
5.5x 9.1 BTM
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