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Dragon Egg Gathering

To unlock the game, you must first find eggs visible in the world, and see an egg that has each of the 6 colors, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Citrine, and Topaz (referred to as RESACT later).

To gather dragon eggs, you must first purchase a license from the Mother Dragon for the island you want to gather eggs on. (-222, 39) for Zhifu, and (299, 297) on Xinren.

There are two types of eggs that spawn: Private eggs and Public eggs.

Public eggs are the eggs you can see when you don't have a license, and those are available to everyone. Private eggs start spawning once you get the license, and are only visible to you (or a 1/5 chance to be visible to all people with a license currently). Private eggs keep spawning during the license, so keep checking around for them, they may appear places you previously checked upon later inspection

IMPORTANT: If you teleport (going to a placemark, using the /visit command, or even taking a boat between islands) then some of the private eggs will crack and disappear every time you teleport. Therefore it is advised that you should almost never teleport unless it is the end of your license and you are teleporting back to the mother dragon to turn in a hand, as destroying eggs lowers your chances.

Once you have the license, you have 30 minutes to gather eggs and turn them in. You can hold up to 6 eggs at one time, but can turn in less if you want to. Once you have 6 you have to turn them in before you can gather more.

To get an egg into your hand you run up to an egg, and pick it up. Notice, each egg has 3 colors associated with it. When you pick up the egg, it will randomly become one of those 3 colors. This means if you find a Ruby, Emerald, and Citrine egg ( REC ), then when you pick it up you will either get a Ruby egg, an Emerald egg, or a Citrine egg in your hand.

Therefore it is sometimes advisable to not always pickup every egg you see. For example if you have 2 ruby eggs, and 2 emerald eggs in your hand, and you come across an Amethyst,Citrine,Topaz egg (ACT) then you shouldn't grab it because it wouldn't help you make good combinations.

HOWEVER: Eggs routinely despawn when lots of eggs are out, so if you see an egg, it may not be there five minutes, or even a single minute later. So saving for later doesn't always work.

When you turn in your hand, you are paid for each egg based on color, then on the hand based on the highest single combination made.

Possible combinations are listed(Prices based on a license of Serpents Stakes ( usually 200-700 btm):

Combo Worth for a Serpent Stakes License (usually 200-700 btm cost)
Reflection (3 eggs of one mineral, 3 of another ) 1500 BTM
Rainbow (1 egg of each mineral - very hard to achieve ) 800 BTM
Pyramid (3 eggs of one mineral, 2 of another, 1 of a third - very common when trying to get reflection ) 100 BTM
Trio (2 eggs each of three minerals) 300 BTM
Three of a kind 100 BTM
Four of a kind 300 BTM
Five of a kind 2800 BTM
Six of a kind 8800 BTM
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