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Unlike Herbs, wild Mushrooms cannot be harvested. They can however be tasted, with each species producing an effect upon the users. Carrion Mushrooms, for instance, will offset agitation. If they are consumed by someone who is not agitated, they will confer the sleepiness trait instead.

There are Mushroom Patches in which mushrooms grow, but ones' status effects must be in perfect balance in order to touch them safely. This can be done by tasting the various species of wild-growing Mushrooms necessary to bring those effects into a healthy alignment.


Golden Sun mushrooms remedy fever, and produce chills if overused.

Toad Skin mushrooms remedy chills, and produce fever if overused.

Carrion mushrooms remedy agitation, and produce sleepiness if overused.

Earth Light mushrooms remedy sleepiness, and produce agitation if overused.

Spiderling mushrooms remedy being famished, and produce nausea if overused.

Bleeding Hand mushrooms remedy nausea, but can make one famished if overused.

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