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Pool of tranquility.png

Pool of Tranquility is a high-variance luck game where you toss coins into the pool. It is located on Xinren island near the Voting Booth and Palace Gardens (Xinren 297, 283). The first time you toss a coin into the pool, one of three things will happen:

  1. The coin falls through the grate and you lose your bet OR
  2. The coin magically multiplies to 8 coins and you instantly win 8 times your bet and start over OR
  3. The coin magically multiplies to 3 coins and you can toss the coin again and try to win more.

If the coin multiplies to 3 coins, on the next coin toss one of two things happens:

  1. You get paid 3 times your bet, and start over OR
  2. The coins you have will increase by a factor of 3 again (i.e. 9 coins) and you toss the coin and win more again.

If your second toss succeeds (i.e. you now have 9 coins), your next coin toss will either pay you 9 times your original bet or you'll get three times as many coins again (i.e. 27 coins) and can keep going. The process continues until your bet results in you getting paid. As you win more coin tosses, the amount of coins you have increases exponentially by a factor of 3 (3 coins, then 9, 27, 81, 243 and so on).

Currently, the pool accepts the following bets: 1 ksat, 10 ksat, 30 ksat, 1 btm, 3 btm, and 10 btm.

The picture on the right shows what the pool looks like with 729 coins... a huge pile that paid 218 btm on a 30 ksat bet! Sweet!

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