Prize Hoppers

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Each Game Set in a Tournament may have one or more Prize Hopper, which specify:

  • An amount of Bitcoins that get distributed
  • How many winners share those Bitcoins
  • How they get divvied up. They may get distributed Proportional to a player's score in the Game Set, or equally among those players with the Top-N scores in the Game Set, or by other Distribution Scheme
  • Whether the amount of Bitcoins increases based on entry fees to the Tournament. If it does, the fees can either increase the number of players who get prizes from this Hopper, or scale the amount of each prize.
  • For PvE Game Sets: Whether the prizes are based on total winnings in the Prize Pool, or on the highest qualifying Jackpot
  • For PvP Game Sets: Whether to use Full Ranks (the Rank which the player has attained in the Game Set's Ladder), or Partial Ranks (factoring in matches won at the current Rank.)
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