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Ladders are special Game Sets consisting of usually just one type of two-player game. Examples of Ladder Game Sets are Tug, Reflection, Kanivan Tak and Eight Treasures. When creating a Ladder, an organizer sets up rules which define how how participants advance in Rank, and how they are knocked out of the Ladder.

Participants' max Rank within a Game set is always used for scoring, so that there is never a disincentive for active players to continue playing. Prize Hoppers for Ladders can choose to use "Partial Ranks" when dividing up the pool. Consider a Partial Rank pool for a Game Set that is "5 Matches to Advance," where the contestant is rank 2 and has 3 wins (either Net or Gross, depending on the Game Set.) A score of 2.6 would be used: The 2 represents his Full Rank and the .6 would represent his 3/5 Partial Rank. In the same Game Set with a Full Rank pool, a score of 2.0 would be used.

Each player starts a Ladder at Rank 1. They play Games against various opponents until they have completed Matches. When they win enough Matches, they advance Rank.

The following parameters define a Ladder:

  • Losses to Knockout: Once a participant loses this many times, he is out of the Game Set. His highest rank achieved is used to determine his prizes. By default, for purposed of Rank, a loss followed by a win is no different than having not played any matches at this Rank.
  • Gross Losses: Just count the total number of losses, regardless of whether the player has also won some matches at this Rank. This is how traditional "double elimination" tournaments work.
  • Wins to Advance: A player must win this many matches to advance Rank. Any losses will be deducted from this number, so in a "2 wins to advance" structure, a player that Wins, Losses, Wins has not yet advanced Rank. Another immediate win would, however, cause him to advance.
  • Gross Wins: Just count the total number of wins, without penalizing for losses at this Rank.
  • Games per Match: A value of 1 means that any game completed between 2 players is a match. Values higher than 1 mean that they must continue to play until one of their wins exceeds the other's by this number.
  • Gross Games: This allows a traditional "2 of 3", or "3 of 5", etc., match structure. Enter the first number under Games per Match when checking this option.
  • Minimum Bet: This can be used to insure that only games with wagers of at least this amount count in the Game Set.
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