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When you first come to this game it appears like this:


Once you start playing you will see a grid of clickable bricks that make up the base of the pyramid.


You click on the Bricks to see if it is either a good brick that can support weight - resulting in btc reward and stability for future bricks to be placed on top of it, or a brick that doesn't support weight where you get no btc and no bricks can be placed on top of it.

Depending on the placement and number of your Good Bricks, you may be able to continue to the next level.


According to Di, this is a pure luck game so there is no wrong way to play it.

The first level of the pyramid has 16 Bricks and each Good Brick will pay 0.05x your initial bet.

The second level of the pyramid has 9 Bricks and each Good Brick will pay 0.25x your initial bet.

The third level of the pyramid has 4 Bricks and each Good Brick will pay 3x your initial bet.

The fourth and final level of the pyramid has 1 Brick that will pay 50x your initial bet if good.

According to Di, on average that last block is worth 100x, but sometimes it's worth just 50x, sometimes 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x

The total of a perfect Pyramid is 65.05x, 115.05x, or 165.05x your inital bet.. atleast!

You can only collect the value of the pyramid if the total value is 1.5x+ of your initial bet.

PerfectPyramid.png Youtubecontrix.PNG Machine perfect pyramid.PNG MrSeLeNiO Perfect Pyramid.jpg

New update Di has added graphics so you can tell visually what value the final block is.

Pyramid flower top.png

This white flower graphic is for the 100x value final block.

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