Rainy Falls

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Rainy falls is a skill besed game somewhat similar to the game called 'Connect 4'. The aim is to create a loop of coins all the same colour which surround a group of coins of different colours.

This is another of the games which has an 'Unlock Quest' which must be performed before the game may be played.

  • To unlock Rainy Falls you must find the following items in-game, click on them, and open the information windows for each.
    • 2 X Calligraphy Sets
    • 2 X Sake Bottle & Cup Sets
    • 2 X Copies of 'The Book Of Tang'
    • 2 X Pictures Of A Mountain

To play Rainy falls, you click on a coin. This causes that coin, and every other coin of that color that it is in a group with, to be removed. When this happens, the coins fall down to fill in the space, and new ones appear at the top.

To claim a ring of coins, you must click on the coins that makeup the ring, that are touching the inside. To claim multiple rings at once, you must click on a coin that makes up the wall that is touching both insides. If a ring is claimed, it removes all coins that makeup the ring, and all coins inside the ring as well.

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