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Try to get different winning combos of fish on the rack, such as 4 of a kind, 4 different fish and 2 way split. There are 4 different fish you can get, Snakehead, Featherback, Catfish, and Goby. Snakehead is the common, Goby is the rarest. 4 of a kind of the rarer fish pay more, but come up less often.

When you get a combo that pays more than the cost of a play, drink a beer, this allows you to have that payout again, but it also costs a play to do, so make sure the payout is higher than cost.

You may also notice different coloured smoke coming the fish as you play. This indicates the fish's age. On the first turn they are fresh, on the second they have yellow smoke, on the third, they have green smoke, and the fourth, they have black smoke and must be discarded. Try to get a winning combo before this.

As of this writing Rice Pond cost about 2.5 btm per cast. With that in mind, the following combos were worth the following:

2 Way Split . 3 BTM

4 Different 5 BTM

3 Featherbacks 1 BTM

4 Featherbacks 5 BTM

3 Catfish 2 BTM

4 Catfish 12 BTM

3 Goby 3 BTM

4 Goby 18 BTM

4 Snakefish 2 BTM

Snake heads are only worth 2 BTM for 4 of them, so unless the pond value drops below 2 BTM for a cast are NOT worth keeping.

As things change I will try to keep them updated. Thank you for playing Dragons Tale ..Aaron

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