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Haystacks may contains needles
Silly Monkey is a game of guessing which fruit the monkey will land on and can pay many times what you wager. To bet on a fruit, click on its tile. It will show you what it will pay if the monkey chooses that fruit. Some tiles are jackpot tiles and others are community tiles. Jackpot tiles are the ones you can bet on and will pay equal to the payout multiplied by the bets placed there. So if you place a 2 Bitcoin bet on a fruit that has payout of 4:1 and the monkey chooses that tile, you will win 8 Bitcoins. The other tile type is a community tile. You can’t bet on these, but if the monkey lands on one, every bet you placed will pay the odds on that community tile. So if you place 4 Bitcoins in total bets spread amongst many jackpot tiles and the monkey chooses a fruit on a community tile that has a payout of 3:1, you will get 12 Bitcoins back, no matter where you placed the bets for the jackpot tiles. In addition to tiles, there are pits. These are holes in the ground the monkey can fall in. If a monkey falls in one, the house wins and all bets will be lost.

When you are done placing bets, click on the monkey’s cage and release him. The monkey will run around with a random chance of going in any direction after each step. If the monkey lands on a jackpot tile you bet on or a community tile, you win! If the monkey lands on a jackpot tile you didn’t bet on or falls in a pit, you lose. This game has the potential to turn a few Bitmills into hundreds of Bitcoins if you place your bet on a fruit with a very high payout that the monkey chooses. Even if you do risk it on a long shot, you can still win a good amount if the monkey lands on a community tile which the monkey could land on even if he goes in the opposite direction of your fruit always giving you a chance of winning.

Monkey Cage River

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