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You can get free Bitcoins from the Soldier Statues located throughout Dragon's Tale. The Bitcoins are real, and can be used to play games within Dragon's Tale, or can be withdrawn. Usually soldiers will give small gifts, between 2 kSAT (1 kSAT = .00001 BTC) and 1 Bitmill (1 Bitmill = .001 BTC), rarely they'll give larger gifts: 10 kSAT, 50 kSAT, 1 BTM or more.

The game limits the gifts of course - you can't just drain one soldier dry - but there are no hard limits to the number of gifts that you can get although the more gifts you receive the longer you must wait before you can search for the next gift.

Soldiers receive gifts from the Faucet, located behind the Palace, and they keep them in inventory, giving them out as asked. If a soldier contains multiple denominations of gifts, he will always offer the largest. Because of this, the more out-of-the way soldiers which are searched less often tend to accumulate more gifts, and more often have larger gifts than those located in the middle of town.

Types of Soldier Statues

There are 4 types of soldier status as outlined below:

Type Available To How to Access Graphic
Regular Soldier All Players No restrictions. Just click on the soldier and search for a gift.
Regular Soldier Statue
Egenesis Soldier Players who have promoted Dragon's Tale on game forums Make a high quality post about Dragon's Tale on any active thread in any games forum on the internet and send Di a link to the message to get a code.

The thread *must not* have been started by you, the forum must not have a thread where Dragon's Tale is being discussed, and the post must contribute in a meaningful way to the existing thread's discussion.
Egenesis Soldier Statue
Grindabit Soldier Players with a Grindabit promotion Code Create a user account on the Grindabit Forum and send a private message on that site to the user named "Grindabit." You will receive a reply on that site with your promo code.
Grindabit Soldier Statue
Affiliate Soldier Dragon's Tale Affiliates If you are a full-time affiliate marketer and have experience marketing to gamblers, send an in-game /message to Di for more information about the Dragon's Tale Affiliate Program.
Affiliate Soldier Statue

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