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This is a basic listing of how much a game will cost for a given "level". This is not always accurate (Some games require a bet of some multiple of the wagerbase, but most have a base wager of 1x wagerbase).

Stakes LevelWagerbase
Time Dragon 1000 BTC
Mirror Dragon 300 BTC
Celestial Dragon 100 BTC
Air Dragon 30 BTC
Fire Dragon 10 BTC
Water Dragon 3 BTC
Earth Dragon 1 BTC
Tiger 300 BTM
Serpent 100 BTM
Rooster 30 BTM
Rabbit 10 BTM
Mouse 3 BTM
Cricket 1 BTM
Mantis 30 KSat
Butterfly 10 KSat
Earth Spirit 3 KSat
Water Spirit 1 Ksat
Fire Spirit 300 Sat
Air Spirit 100 Sat
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