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Stormcaller is a PvP game for multiple players. Call a storm by saying how high you dare call, with a maximum of 88 feet. whoever calls highest wins, as long as they are the only one at that height.

It searches are different for the <=88 case and the >88 case.

So if one person calls at 88, he wins.

If more than one calls at 88 then it searches up. If 0 calls at 88 then it searches down.

Here's how the down-search works: It simply looks for the highest unique call between 1 and 87

Here's how the up-search works: It goes one at a time up starting at 89 to see if there's a value with 0 or 1 calls. If it finds one with 0 calls then it deadlocks and the pot rolls over. If it finds one with 1 then that person wins.

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