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During the beta launch pary (July 12-14, 2013), on the 13th Di held an awards ceremony thanking players, and this is what he had to say:

In a few minutes we'll start the player awards. I'm going to do BTM "thank-your" for most of these, but I may do a few in the form of drinks, and a couple with real-life cigars.

I'd like anyone interested in awards to gather at their "favorite" bar (not all at the same bar; I want to avoid the kind of crash we had earlier today), and I'll warp to you.

Ok, so this is a gambling game, and everyone thinks of gambling games as purely cutthroat, where all the players hate the "operators" (in the usual lingo), and so the notion of this sort of community awards should be totally out of place...

in every other gambling game on the planet :0

I've gotten to know a little bit about the industry, and nobody believes me when I describe the community here. So I'm convinced more than ever, that we're going to totally take the industry by surprise with Dragon's Tale.

So I asked everyone to tell me a name or two who have made Dragon's Tale especially fun, especialy interesting, a friendly place to hang out.

So on to the awards :)

First off, there are two names that came up more than any other.

A relative newcomer, and a veteran player.

About half the messages mentioned either somecanuck - for always welcoming new players, and just being an all-around great guy.

or Peter - the theme was "Peter just makes the game fun."

There are some players that I especially enjoy having here, for different reasons, and some of these will surprise you.

Emperatorzs - I appreciate it when people are *bold* in real life. Emp isn't afraid to gamble, and yeah, that's great to have gamblers in a casino, but boldness is a bigger thing...

And so for that, Emp, you're awesome. You've had some rollercoaster wins and losses, but you're never meek.

Umuri - you've helped me every time I've needed assistance on a technical problem, and you show people that smart play in Dragon's Tale is uniquely possible.

Kayla - you've been a a sort of unofficial ambassador for Dragon's Tale for ages - you explain what's fun about the game even better than I can.

This one will surprise many people, because I know lots of people don't get along with him, but he has introduced others to the game, and has helped me when I've asked for it. And provided some needed "spice" .. Supa, you're actually getting an award.

Oh, and my real-life assistant who makes every oddball scheme that I come up with her top priority, spongebob.

Izme, who I wish were around more these days, for also being an incredible ambassador for Dragon's Tale

Cheep and Thywor for always welcoming new players and being excellent mentors.

Telera, so many people mentioned you as a genuinely nice person (I agree) - also a great ambassador for the game.

Artifex for helping me with technical stuff every time I was getting over my head :)

JoeyZaza, who has welcomed so many new players.

Goldbaron357 for helping to spread the word outside the game.

Hezabug for always being willing to help new players.

And Deviant for helping me any time we've had difficult network problems to tackle.

Parse-eval for his great attitude.

And I know I didn't get to everyone - but a big thank-you to everyone for making Dragon's Tale the #2 (pretty sure) Bitcoin-based gambling game in the world.

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