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Experienced players and Developers will often create Tournaments in Dragon's Tale. Tournaments add a structured prize pool to games, beyond what participating players might win through normal gambling. Many Tournaments are free to enter and limit bets to very small amounts, effectively making them Freerolls (giveaways.) Some Freerolls are just for residents of a particular Governed Island, or by invitation only, but most are open to all. Mule, or Alt characters are frequently prohibited from participating in Tournaments, though that is up to the Organizer.

Each Tournament has a set of rules that make it unique:

  • Criteria for Entry, such as "All Level 1-3 Players"
  • One or more Game Sets ("All Fireworks Games", "Rack Based Fishing", etc.) or Pvp Ladders ("Tug", "Eight Treasures", etc.)
  • One or more Prize Hoppers for each Game Set or Ladder. Each Prize Hopper may have different rules for how it gets distributed.
  • Tournament may Repeat multiple times. Organizers have the option to submit repeating tournament at Level 12.

Tournaments are organized for different reasons, by different people:

  • Governor's Tournaments are funded by eGenesis based on how much gameplay there has been on the various Governed Islands
  • eGenesis Sponsored Tournaments are funded by eGenesis and open to all (usually.) These occasionally have an entry fee, but usually pay back far more than is collected.
  • Player Sponsored Tournaments are privately funded by Players who have reached Level 10+. Sometimes they require an invitation in the form of a ticket from a Mint.

Also see Types of Tournament for more info

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