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Mentors that reach Level 10 ("Organizers") may create Tournaments for other players ("Contestants.") In the context of a well constructed tournament, luck games can become skill games.

A Tournament consists of the following:

  • A short Title, for example "Di's Fish and Fire Contest!"
  • A longer text description of the Tournament
  • A starting date and time, and Duration. Format is exactly as follows: 12-31-2011-19:30:00 would mean 7:30 PM on December 31, 2011. Specify this in your local time - the system will translate it to other players' local times. Duration is specified in minutes: For a half-hour long tournament, enter "30"
  • (Optional) Entry Cost: This is what the Organizer charges players to join the Tournament. The organizer must put up all the prizes ahead of time, but keeps all the Entry Fees. Specify this in Bitcoins, for instance "0.1" for a 100 BTM entry fee.
  • (Optional) Max Players: An organizer may limit entries to the first, say, 20 contestants. If the prize pool is small, contestants may not want to join an unlimited-size Tournament.
  • (Optional) Spin Limit: Game Sets as detailed below may have Spin Limits, but it's also possible to limit each Contestant to a certain number of spins over the whole tournament. This can create more nuanced decision-making for players.
  • (Optional) Family Limit: You may limit a Tournament to your own Students, or to students of your Mentor. It's also possible to have multifamily Tournaments by separating names with spaces.
  • One or more Game Sets

A Game Set consists of the following:

  • A list of games. Unless you're working in Expert Mode (which requires a developer to specially flag you), this will be filled in for you based on the menu item you select to create the Game Set.
  • (Optional) Maximum Bet. This can be used to prevent a "whale" player from dominating the tournament by brute force. The system will advise players that play beyond this limit that their bets are not counting toward the tournament.
  • (Optional) Spin Limit
  • One or more Prize Hoppers

A Prize Hopper consists of the following:

  • Score Type, either Winnings or Highest Jackpot
  • Distribution Method, either Power-N (50% to 1st place, 25% to 2nd place, 12.5% to 3rd place, etc.) Top-N, Proportional, or Lottery(Which gives a ticket for each SAT of winning or jackpot depending on category, and removes winners after every prize is awared)
  • Number of Winners that share the contents of this hopper
  • Pool Amount (for Proportional hoppers) or Prize per Player (for Top-N or Lottery hoppers)

When a Tournament has been submitted and approved, it is shown on players' in-game calendar, and on the Dragon's Tale website. When it starts, or before if allowed, qualified players may join the tournament by signing up at a tournament board ingame. All participating players are shown a Leaderboard with the top 8 Contestants listed by Game Set, broken down by Winnings and Highest Jackpot as appropriate. For instance, if there are no Highest Jackpot Prize Hoppers within a Game Set, then it won't show a Highest Jackpot Leaderboard for that Game Set.

Game Sets that are spin-limited show how many spins have been used up. Likewise, if there is a global spin limit on the tournament, that is also shown.

When a tournament ends, prizes are distributed from each Prize Hopper to Contestants, based on the configuration of that hopper, and on the Contestants' scores. Contestants receive a message detailing their winnings.

See Types of Tournament for more info

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