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Turkeys is a luck game. Currently, the game is located at the cow pasture on Xinren.

The goal of playing turkeys is to kill as many turkeys as possible. If you try to kill a "rabid" turkey, the turkey attacks you back and your game is over. There are 18 turkeys, 4 of which are rabid.

To play, you place a bet from 1 kSAT to 1 BTC and then try to kill the first turkey. if it isn't rabid, you get to try and kill another turkey for free. This continues until you have killed all of the turkeys or found one that is rabid. The more turkeys you kill, the more money you get back because the winnings accumulate. For instance, if you kill 3 turkeys you will get 30% of your bet back (10% + 10% + 10% = 30%).

The breakeven point for the game is 6 turkeys killed. After that, it's all profit!

The payout structure for turkeys is as follows:

Turkeys Killed Payout (times the bet amount) Total Winnings
1 0.1 0.1x
2 0.1 0.2x
3 0.1 0.3x
4 0.2 0.5x
5 0.3 0.8x
6 0.4 1.2x
7 1 2.2x
8 1.5 3.7x
9 2 5.7x
10 3 8.7x
11 8 16.7x
12 12 28.7x
13 20 48.7x
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