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Tournaments are a great way for new (and established) players to earn some btm, and many are free to enter. There are several types of freerolls, and well as contests playing specific games.

Types of Tournament

All Games Freerolls

These are free to enter, you can play any game you can bet 1btm on during the contest, since the bet limit is usually 1btm. The spin limit is usually 100, and spend limit 100btm. Try and win the most btm. They usually have a large prize pool for winning an amount proportional to the amount you won on games during the contest, so everyone usually wins something in this pool.

There is also usually a smaller prize pool for getting the highest single jackpot on a game during the contest.

Fishing Tournaments

These are tournaments where you can play any of the fishing games, e.g. Rice Pond, Bamboo Pond. There is usually a prize pool for winning an amount proportional to winnings on the games. There may also be prize pools such as for highest single jackpot too. Spin limit, spend limit etc. are decided by the organiser, so can be high stakes or low stakes fishing. The organiser also decides if there is to be an entry fee or not.

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