Beetle Derby

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In Beetle Derby, a player places a bet on one of eight beetles. Each beetle has a speed and a personality that affects its movement. The beetles race from one end of the race track to the other. As an added twist, there are objects randomly laid along the race track that affect the racing beetles. Betting is done Parimutuel style, with no house rake.
Object Effect Pic
Hay Bale Blocking object that beetles must walk around Beetle haybale.png
Garlic Paralyzes the leading three beetles Beetle garlic.png
Peppers Makes beetles go crazy Beetle peppers.png
Cabbage Makes beetles go faster Beetle cabbage.png
Onions Makes beetles go slower Beetle onions.png
Carrots Makes beetles take a rest Beetle carrots.png

Bets are placed by Win, Place or Show, the meaning of these are as follows. Win: You are betting on your beetle to get first place Show: You are betting that your beetle will win first or second Place: You are betting that you beetle will get first second or third. Obviously a win bet will pay out more than a place bet. Tip/Strategy (edit article to include tips on beetle races)

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