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|Some red-hot peppers!
|Some red-hot peppers!
|2500 BTM
|2500 BTM
|A reproduction gramophone.
|3800 BTM
|A simple music stand.
|A simple music stand.

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Over one hundred different treasures can be found in Dragon's Tale's trash cans. Can you collect them all?

Trashcans is a strictly luck game. There are no "tips" to playing... you bet, pray, and either win or lose.

The following is a listing of items that can be found in trash cans:

Item Value
A rotten fish. 0
Someone actually shit in the trash can. 0
A dead ant. 0
A handful of gravel. 0
An old, half-smoked cigar. 0
A dead cat. 0
Some rotting meat. 0
A bowl of pig's blood. 0
A broken hair curler. 0
A bucket of smelly mud. 0
A rotten fish, picked clean by cats. 0
A leaking bag of flour. 0.50 BTM
The handles off some sort of toy. 0.50 BTM
A dead bug in a jar. Maybe you could sell it to a collector? 0.50 BTM
A rusty plumbing fixture of some kind. 0.50 BTM
A loaf of bread. 0.50 BTM
Some ceiling tiles. 1.50 BTM
Several melons, though they seem a bit iffy. 1.50 BTM
A jug of honeydew juice. 1.50 BTM
A toy sword made of plastic. 1.50 BTM
A discarded spring. 1.50 BTM
Something off a car. 5 BTM
A crude hammer. 5 BTM
The gearbox from a tractor. 5 BTM
A set of keys. 5 BTM
A pile of thick, industrial rubber bands. 5 BTM
A half-filled sack of cement. 20 BTM
Several heavy bars of dusty metal. 20 BTM
Three metal pipes. 20 BTM
Some bricks. 20 BTM
A chisel. 20 BTM
A bucket of rocks. 50 BTM
A mortar without a pestle. 50 BTM
A pair of unglazed ceramic bowls. 50 BTM
A quantity of salt. 50 BTM
A primitive sledgehammer. 50 BTM
A bucket of yellow paint. 120 BTM
A handful of metal washers. 120 BTM
A stack of $20 bills. 120 BTM
Several pulleys. 120 BTM
Some sort of pipe fitting. 120 BTM
A bundle of wire. 180 BTM
A few planks of lumber. 180 BTM
A flower pot. 180 BTM
Some melons, fairly fresh. 180 BTM
Some soil, perfect for planting. 180 BTM
A bottle of milk. 500 BTM
A few slices of grilled onion. 500 BTM
A glass knife - sharp, but fragile. 500 BTM
A simple but serviceable fishing rod. 500 BTM
Some grilled carrots. 500 BTM
A box of nails. 800 BTM
A ridiculous electric guitar. 800 BTM
An intact water pitcher. 800 BTM
Some pigment, used for mixing paint. 800 BTM
Some plastic Dragon's Eggs. 800 BTM
Some sort of Soviet-era electronic device. 800 BTM
A large water pitcher. 1200 BTM
A small quantity of sugar. 1200 BTM
Osage orange firewood. 1200 BTM
Some roses, though they are beginning to wither. 1200 BTM
Some tasty eggplant! 1200 BTM
A sturdy basket, obviously homemade. 1800 BTM
A vial of red paint. 1800 BTM
Some fresh leeks. 1800 BTM
Some fresh red peppers. 1800 BTM
Some grilled cabbage. 1800 BTM
A fresh young coconut. 2500 BTM
A nice, deep ceramic bowl. 2500 BTM
A simple piece of pottery. 2500 BTM
An unusual piece of laboratory equipment. 2500 BTM
Some red-hot peppers! 2500 BTM
A reproduction gramophone. 3800 BTM
A simple music stand. 3800 BTM
A stuffed rooster. 3800 BTM
An authentic Korean Bolgogi grill. 3800 BTM
Some grilled eggplant. 3800 BTM
An assortment of sushi. 5800 BTM
A bowl of lilac petals. 8000 BTM
A bundle of fabric. 8000 BTM
A bag of black tea. 12000 BTM
A huge jar of cinnamon. 15000 BTM
A quantity of fine green tea. 15000 BTM
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