Dragon's Tale is home to games unlike any other casino. You wont find a craps table, roulette wheel, or black jack dealer like in other online gaming sites. Instead you will discover a persistent 3D world filled with original games designed to attract casino gamblers and MMORPG players alike. While about half of the games in Dragon's Tale are simple as a slot machine, others require deep thought and skill. In addition to solo games we've also included unique player versus player games so patrons can stack their wits against others. Scroll your mouse over a game icon to view a short description, or visit the Dragon's Tale Wiki to get a more in depth look.


Soldier Statues

These are a great way to get started. They give gifts of real Bitcoins, no strings attached. Usually you'll get a Bitmill (0.001 BTC) or two, but occasionally you'll get as much as 5 Bitcoins at once.


Cow Tipping

For high-class fun, perfect 30 different cow-tipping techniques. Learn from friends to perform pile-drivers, rolls, and throws. There are 30 different techniques to master in all.


Ming Vases

Form lines of three or more matching vases. There are many ways to collect multiple jackpots at once. Both Luck and Skill based variants exist.


Pig Barn

These pigs love to eat! Buy them treats - some like donuts, other like candy. When they get too fat, they'll have a heart attack and die: how sad! When they do, you're in luck: Dead pigs are worth real Bitcoins in this skill-based game.


Berry Growing

Many species of Berries thrive in Dragon's Tale's rich soil. Each Berry type has a secret cultivation method that can give an edge to those players that discover it. It's like Farmville for smart people.



Quench your thirst with a variety of exotic cocktails. Be sure to check your glass: Bartenders in Dragon's Tale have been known to slip a few Bitcoins into certain drinks.


Duck Feeding

Feed the ducks - if 3 or more eat, you'll be rewarded. Timing and patience are the keys to this game of skill.


Pyro Slots

Launch a brilliant pyrotechnic display from the hill around town. Five shells illuminate the town of Dragon's Tale - if three or more match, you win. Many variants, each with unique shells.



Players that reach Level 10 can create tournaments for other players. These tournaments can have entry fees (which the organizer keeps) and a complex prize structure. eGenesis sponsors tournaments as well, often with no entry fee, but with significant prizes.



Every week, one species of tree starts to pay 105% for large bets, while three species start to pay only 85%. In Treefalls, hunches are often real!



The flora around Dragon's Tale are said to hold hidden stashes of Bitcoins. Hide a coin there yourself - sometimes a plant will be so heavy with Bitcoins that a stack will fall out! If not, your coin may be found by another explorer.


Great Wall

Unleash your creativity by adorning the Great Wall with works of art. Anything you paint increases your jackpot - as long as it's not Mongolians!


Palace Garden

Emperor Di encourages all visitors to help cultivate his garden. You'll have a chance to dig 8 holes - 8 is a lucky number in Chiese mythology. In some of these holes, you may discover Bitcoins. Find coins in consecutive holes for double, triple or more!


Monkey Roulette

Release a monkey from his cage - he'll run around, frantically searching for fruit. If he finds the fruit that you've bet on, you'll win! Fruits close to his cage are easier for him to get to, while ones further away are harder (and pay more.) Watch out that he doesn't fall in a pit!


Treasure in the Trash

Over one hundred different treasures can be found in Dragon's Tale's trash cans. Can you collect them all?



A bountiful selection of fish are said to swim in the waters flowing through Dragon's Tale. Grab a pole and try your luck: In this skill-based game, you win by accumulating matching sets of fish before they rot.


Dragon Painting

Color all six of the Dragon's scales solid red for the ultimate jackpot in this skill-based game. Along the way, additional jackpots are earned for various Duotones, Blazes and Splendors.


Tower of Lights

Adorn consecutive floors of the tower with lanterns representing each of China's many provinces. Achieve a Glow, Radiance, Fluorescence or Blazence by lighting the various floors in this game of skill.


Herb Gathering

Certain species of rare herbs grow wild in Dragon's Tale. You'll need a license to gather them though, or team up with someone that has already bought a license.



In Dragon's Tale, even the haystacks contain games. Are you lucky enough to find a Needle?



Shake a Cocconut Tree for a tasty snack of Bitcoins. If an odd number fall, you win!



Sample Exotic Cuisine. Though renoned for satisfying noodle and rice dishes, vendors have been known to sneak in a rare treat from the Eight Treasures of Chinese Cuisine.


Palace Slots

The giant structure just east of the Town square hides murals of the different signs of the Chinese zodiac. Match 3 or more for a handsome reward.


Dragon Archway

The only way to play this game is by accumulating Dragon's Treasures - earned through gameplay and mentorship. In addition to doubling a Treasure, your likeness will grace the top of the archway with a successful bet.


Beetle Racing

Huge native beetles race, eating power-ups as they go. Gain an edge over other parimutuel wagerers by careful analysis of the playfield.



Feeling frustrated? A well placed kick to a bench will often dislodge some Bitcoins.


Catching Fireflies

Grab a jar and catch as many as you can, but don't let them escape! The more you can collect at once in this luck-based game, the higher the jackpot.


Mushroom Collecting

Any three in a row pays off, with multiple rows of three multiplying the jackpot. There is some debate on whether this is considered a skill-based or luck-based game.



How many coins can you balance on a fence at one time? Don't knock them off!


Kanivan Tak

Imagine checkers where you can move at any angle. Kanivan Tak requires an understanding of geometry as well as the ability to look ahead several moves.


Sheep Tug

Use explosives to scare the sheep off the other end of the playfield. Like most two-player games in Dragon's Tale, the house takes no rake.


Reflection Pool

Be the last player to form a triangle using the bubbles floating over the water. Triangles may not intersect.


Eight Treasures Table

Bid as high as you dare in this Liar's Poker-inspired game of skill. Menus and be purchased and sold at nearby Food Carts.


Feather Balance

A unique three-player game of skill and luck. To win, Achieve Balance by having a pile of feathers that weighs "just enough."


Gem Mining

Find sets of Orestones with matching (or differing) attributes like color, shape, and crystal type. Each type of gem has it's own peculiarities.


Vegetable Farming

Vegetables grow in complex patterns: Tracts of the same crop seem to multiply their output, as does the age of each plant.


Beauty Pageant

Compete to earn the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme in the Dragon's Tale Beauty Pageant. Outshine a competitor with a long winning streak for a huge point boost. A game of Skill.


Pirate Ship

Fire shots of flaming oil at the pirate ship. Once the ship fully engulfed in flame, it sinks, giving up it's booty! A game of Skill.


Christmas Tree

Available once a year, Christmas Trees are a collaborative effort among players to discover the most exquisite ornaments. When fully covered in ornaments, the star at the top magically lights. A game of Luck.



Do your part to preserve this species by feeding nutritious bamboo. The more stalks the panda finishes, the greater the reward. Skill and Luck variants.



Match wits with the heavens! As you light larger and larger fires, rain clouds will form, blocking your efforts. A 3x4 fire achieves the greatest jackpot. Games of Skill.


Feather Tree

Almost a sure win, this tree pays out a random award every day for 30 days. Any days missed increase the reward for others playing. This game is restricted to Level 5+ players. A game of Patience.


Bird Whisperer

Call birds from the sky, completing complex collections such as "Waterfoul," "Birds of Prey," or "Tropical." Luck and Skill variants.


Gem Cutting

The gemcutter's art is discovering large and symetrical shapes inside the seemingly random 3D crystal. A game of Skill.


Balloon Celebration

A field of balloons is connected by an underground maze of pipes. The size and prize of a balloon can grow without bound. A game of Skill.



Use your psychic power to determine which of the shrines contain valuable Bitcoins. Bet on as many shrines as you dare. A game of Luck.


Mother Dragon Eggs

Help the Mother Dragon collect her precious jeweled eggs! Fast-paced, but with deep strategy. A game of skill.


Carpet Weaving

Weave elegant carpets, attempting to create one with purity of design. A game of Luck.


Rainy Falls

Create rings of colored coins, the la4rger the area enclosed, the higher the jackpot. A game of Skill.



Buy shots for your entire group in this multi-player drinking contest - the last one standing wins. A game of Luck.


Cigar Smoking

Celebrate your wins with a fine cigar. Exotic shapes, colorful smoke trails, and jackpots for you and your friends. A game of Luck.



Predict the altitude of an impending storm by calling it just-higher than any others playing. A game of Skill.


Chinese Ceremony

Deduce your opponent's tea set in this poker-like information-swapping game. A game of Skill.



Place wagers predicting which turtles will be blown up first as they explore their maze. Many exotic bet types are supported. A game of Luck.


Dancing Fountains

Take on the role of a master plumber, as you fine-tune the mechanisms of choreographed fountains. A game of Luck.


Water Wheel

Pan gems from the crystal clear waters of Dragon's Tale. Create complex combinations for huge jackpots. A game of Luck.


Wishing Well

Drink the cool clean waters from the aquifers that run below Dragon's Tale. Wells are interconnected, and these connections shift over time. A game of Skill (though debated.)